Saturday, December 8, 2012

A light at the end of the Eracism tunnel...

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Okay, so over the past couple of months my technology course has been involved in the Eracism global learning project.  If you want more information about that read one of my previous posts that went more in depth about this project.  Anyways, I just finished up my final judging for the project about how the global management of natural resources causes more harm than good.  During this judging I found this round to be much better than the first round.  I felt like these two groups of students took on their position with much more eagerness and were more driven to prove their argument.  Overall, I was incredibly impressed with the two schools that I judged.  They put forth a lot of time and effort to make their case. 

After completing this round of judging I felt that it went much more smoothly than the first round.  Through some great advice from my professor I decided it would be best to write out my critiques for the two schools before recording them onto the Voice Thread.  I found that this process went much more smoothly than when I flew blind the first time that I did my judging by not having any notes written down.  It really helped to make my critiques much more meaningful when I took the time to write them out.  Not to mention when I gave input on sounding fluent when they presented in the debates I wasn't being hypocritical through not being fluent in my audio critique because I already had a script of what I wanted to say.

Overall, my experiences with this project lean towards the positive side.  There were times when I got frustrated with not knowing who I was supposed to judge and when I needed to judge, but for the most part this was a great learning experience.  It was great to get the chance to say that I have participated in a global learning project like this and I think now I will be more apt to take part in something like this when I am a teacher with a classroom of my own.   

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