Sunday, November 4, 2012

Looks are harder to put together than they may seem...

Before Picture
Before you say I didn't make many changes with my avatar let me explain first if you please.  I honestly did not think that changing my appearance would be all that difficult, but it was.  Extremely so.  For some reason I do not think that I was in the right place to make such drastic yet amazing changes to my avatar.  I tried following a tutorial video as best as I could given that it is for a slightly older version of SL, but for the life of me I could not find the same type of appearance changing settings as was displayed in the video.  Nevertheless, I did find the appearance setting on the side bar.  However, with this setting I was only able to manipulate my appearance with items that were already a part of my outfit by taking some things off and by adding on items that I got from my orientation at the Lionheart.  So, all I was able to do was to do at this time was to manipulate my appearacne a little, so my before and after don't look too different form each other.  Don't scorn me too much I beg of you.  Maybe in time I will speak with someone who can direct me how to make better changes because I am so looking forward to making my avatar look so much better than it does now.  Don't worry I won't take any offense to any negative comments about my avatar's let's just say intereting appearance. 

After Picture
Hopefully, that will be the case because the man in the video is right.  Your avatar is a reflection of who you want to be or who you see yourself as.  You can be anybody you want.  The personality that you think reflects you best can be shown through your avatar and nobody can say anything about it.  Once I get a better understanding of how to change things about my avatar through body shape, hair color and length, accessories, etc. I am so going to do so because this was the quest I was looking forward to completing the most and I am bummed that I was unable to make the changes that I wanted to.  After all, this avatar is a reflection of me.  Not some random avatar I had to pick in order to sign up for SL.  So, beware sometime soon I may look a little different than what I look now.  Remember, be on the lookout for some upcoming changes!

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