Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is my avatar slow or is it just my computer?

Okay, so I just completed my second quest of many more to come I'm sure and I am completely frustrated with Second Life.  Honestly, I think from now on I will have to use a different computer.  I couldn't believe how complex a world Second Life is until I tried to use it on my computer.  My computer moves so slow that by the time that  I get to where I want to go I have already passed it and have to return back only to go past what I wanted to visit again.  Ugh, talk about frustrating!  Given that my computer is the source of all of my problems I think that Second Life or SL wouldn't be as frustrating to maneuver.  However, even if I did have a speedier computer I still think that I would still have some difficulty.  Maybe not as much as I am now, but only some. 

As I went about exploring Iowa Island I mainly explored Dr. Z's place due to my lack of mobility within the world.  Don't get me wrong I did explore other aspects of the island and flew a little bit.  Actually, flying seemed to get me where I wanted to go faster because I didn't have to maneuver around all of  the objects.  Ahem, like the twisty and turny stairs in Dr. Z's place (hint hint Dr. Z) and I could just fly right by them.  During this interesting exploration phase I was able to learn how to use some of the controls such as turning the camera angles, sitting, and of course flying around the Campanile.  You know the Campanile is my favorite part at the real UNI campus and I think it will be my favorite part about Iowa Island, too.  It reminds me so much of home.  You can see pictures of my exploration with Dr. Z's place and flying around floating around this blog post. 

Overall, I think this quest would have been better if I had done it with a faster running computer.  No better way to disinterest someone from trying something new than to have them frustrate with the most basic aspects of it because of technical problems.  Right?  Now, on the the next quest. 

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